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Touched by the Teacher: Schooled in Love No.2

47 pages34 minutes


Rose and her professor Mr Stevens continue their romantic exploits, but when they almost get caught by one of Rose's classmates, they find themselves in troubled waters. Little do they know that is only the start of their problems.

Now a couple, Rose and Mr Stevens have to carry on their affair in secret behind the faculty’s collective backs. She’s finding out that he can teach her a lot more than just English, and he seems to be falling hard for her.

But soon the risk of discovery switches from turn-on to real threat.

When that wave hits, it will lead to them having to decide whether to let each other go, or fight for their forbidden love, while Mr Stevens continues to educate her on the finer points of bondage and submission.

In this follow up to Tempted By the Teacher Persephone Faye continues her tale of forbidden love between a professor and their student. Contains explicit sexual scenes between consenting adults over the age of eighteen. You should probably be over eighteen yourself.

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