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Excerpts From A Full Life

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Within his sphere, Sheldon Saltman has been a well-known developer/producer, creator of all types of events as well introducing new products throughout the world. In achieving this, he worked in 52 countries. His tasks were as diversified as publicizing and marketing Muhammad Ali’s fights to bringing the embryo cellular industry to the Third World. While in the former Soviet Union, he and the then President, Boris Yeltsin, were constant doubles partners in Tennis. During the 1950’s, Mr. Saltman received the Broadcast Promotion Association's coveted “On-Air marketer" award, five years in a row. Thus his story grew within the TV Industry. Along the way, he found time to create and produce Network/Syndicated TV shows and series. He was not only on the President’s Council of Physical fitness, but sat on many startup Cable TV Boards that today are industry leaders. He grew from announcing High School Sports in his native Boston to become the first President of FOX Sports in Hollywood. Among his proudest moments is producing an exclusive Variety Show at Kennedy Center specifically for and honoring the 1980 U.S. Olympic team which because of President Carter’s boycott never got to compete in Russia. Just an inkling as to what is between the book’s covers.

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