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Surrounded by Assholes: Stories for the Deployed

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SURROUNDED BY ASSHOLES starts with "Recycle Day", a tale of the neighbor you wish you didn't have. Jeff's loud mouth and capacity for beer are just a few of his not-so-endearing qualities.

You may want to rethink hitchhiking through the desert after "Riding with Pappy". Bearded Southern gentlemen aren't always what they seem, especially if they enjoy living in a barren wasteland.

Running a cleaning business can be difficult. Taft struggles with balancing home life, customers' needs, and desert wildlife in "A Long Night on the Job". Maybe he should have spent the extra for employee health insurance.

Sometimes work can get a little too stressful and a country getaway is just the thing. Wise-guys Greco and Bruno do just that in "Last Supper", but work catches up to them in the form of an anonymous gift. It wouldn't be a problem, except they didn't tell anyone where they were going.

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