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Sleepless Nights or Bad Dreams

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SLEEPLESS NIGHTS OR BAD DREAMS is a collection of four tales.

In "Flying Snakes", Gabriella is being found after a deal goes bed and has to run away from the people who are after her with the assistance of Alexander. The two have banter while trying to avoid the gunshots.

"Escape" is set in a spaceship designed to test its captives. Sarah, a kidnapped street rat from 18th century England finds herself in a new place. Getting hurt from the unknown technology as she tries to force her way out, a stranger from behind a wall offers to give her an escape route. The story has elements inspired from "Portal".

"Error" is set in an underground bunker during Operation Protective Edge in Israel. Laura finished her shift and prepares herself for bed while having a conversation about the difficulties spending such a prolonged time in the bunker. She reveals how she feels about herself and others around, her while battling depression.

"Dead End" is the tale of Skye, a young boy in a new town, losing his way to school while a dark figure chases him throughout the ever-changing town.

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