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Spanking the Naughty Asian Cheerleader

58 pages56 minutes


Craig comes home early on Friday, only to see his beautiful Japanese wife Akira asleep on the couch, while wearing her adorable cheerleader’s uniform. Throughout their marriage, role-playing has become a very important part of their lives, which includes plenty of spankings for Akira whenever she is naughty, or when Craig feels as though a spanking would do her some good. Since dinner is now going to be late due to Akira napping, it will be even later since Craig decides a hard, bare bottom spanking for his Asian wife is necessary to remind her that dinner is supposed to ready promptly at 5pm. Not only are these spankings necessary to maintain a good running household, they also have one other side effect, they turn Akira on very much. When they are finally finished with their dinner, Craig decides an additional spanking is necessary to teach Akira that she needs to have better manners throughout her meal, instead of fidgeting around on her chair and not allowing her husband to enjoy his supper.

WARNING: This book is an erotic romance novella and is for adults only. It contains harsh spankings as well heterosexual and anal sex. All characters in this book are 18-years-old or older.

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