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Pure of Heart: Pure Escapades, #1

Length: 418 pages6 hours


     A ghost child left to die in a French forest, Contesse Blanchefort buries the horrors of her young life when a Bourgeoisie Revolutionary rescues and adopts her. Ten years later when, her Papa dies at the Bastille, Contesse's grim memories reemerge. Seeking her roots, she embarks on a quest across the English countryside, guided by a mysterious pagan woman and a rogue Gypsy. But when Contesse falls ill in London, her companions are forced to seek help.

     When the strange Gypsy bursts into his apothecary, physician's apprentice Eric McEwan suspects trouble. His sense of compassion compels him to follow the Gypsy—only to discover the most beautiful Frenchwoman he's ever seen. Her exotic accent and pale features set his heart ablaze...her mere touch brands his soul. Enthralled, Eric nurses Contesse back to health as the two discover their love for one another. Passion blooms—with disastrous consequences.

     Expelled from Cambridge, Eric battles his domineering grandfather for control of his life. And when family tragedy strikes, he has no choice but to leave Contesse and return to his provincial home to confront the abusive life he left behind. Contesse carries on with her journey, and as sinister details about her childhood emerge, she struggles to free herself from her demons. Without Eric, she's lost. But love is strong...can they conquer their pasts and reunite once more?

*This novel contains scenes of an adult nature. 18+ Audience recommended.

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