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Little Big Cat: The Lucky Cat Shop, #2

314 pages4 hours


Maeve Kavanuagh’s world, already on shaky legs, is torn apart after she barely survived a psychic attack from a still-unknown entity hell bent on killing her. All her filters against the unseen world are shredded and every sense is constantly violated by the sixth. Seeing ghosts and being a psychic is the norm now, and Maeve is still adjusting, but it’s not easy when your family mollycoddles you and even the man you love thinks you’d be better off in a straitjacket and locked up in the looney bin. That kind of protection is the last thing she needs.

With all this going on, she might really lose her mind. With the looming threat of the creature she thought she’d sent packing back to haunt her, Maeve has the fight of her life ahead of her. Will the price to be paid to vanquish this evil entity be her own life, or someone else’s?

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