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The Ghosts of Cape Cod

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Historic Cape Cod has 15 towns, stretching from Bourne to Provincetown. Each town and village has ghosts and many stories to tell about them. In this book, the author has chosen some of the lesser known, but fascinating apparitions, such The Ghost of the 13 Churches - Dr. Abner Hersey: Ahsoo, the Native American girl who sings with a voice of gold but has a face like a fallen log: and the 300 year old parson who sneaks into people's yards to snatch posies from their flower boats. These and many other legends are included by the author, who visited many of the sites himself and not only wrote the stories, but also took a number of the more than two dozen photos that are included in the E-book edition. (The print edition does not have the pictures). In one of the most fascinating parts of the book, the author describes in narrative and with pictures, the eerie, secluded burial ground of the tribe of Princess Scargo. Because this graveyard is virtually unknown, and hard to find, the author has given specific directions to the compelling site, that overlooks Scargo Lake. Stories from all four parts of Cape Cod are included in this 'must read' collection.

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