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Cursed Spirit

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Being hasty is Rehema’s weakness, and it will cost her dearly when she jeopardises Damien and Creston both on a fools run to the north once more. This time, La’Kera isn’t going to stand by and watch as her bond make repeated mistakes, La’Kera might be her bond, her link but even she will push Rehema to question her loyalty to the herds, to the code and to the lore of Dangora and all that she is as a Ryder. She will unleash her power of dragon magic, and make Rehema question her right within the herds. Danger is ever present and the shadow that eludes her at every turn has her tempting the darkness that stirs within. Darkness will cascade around her and the ever present phazer will elude her, tempt her and to her surprise, save her. The return of Hector will have her questioning her skills, and she is left wondering, is she actually cursed forever?

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