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Rescuing the Captain: Ravenswood Manor, #2

150 pages2 hours


After purchasing Ravenswood Manor Ali learns that it is haunted by the once prestigious Captain Ravenswood and his wife Mary.
Ali has always had trust issues with men especially after her father left her and her mother to survive on their own. When she finds out that her caretaker Jeremiah has lied about who he really is they have a huge fight, and she heads home alone. Getting ready for bed she hears a noise in the hallway. Hoping it is Jeremiah and not the ghostly Captain Ravenswood she creeps out into the hallway and heads to the top of the staircase. As Ali reaches the top step she slips and tumbles down the staircase where Jeremiah finds her unconscious.
When Ali awakes she finds herself on a ship. Not just an ordinary ship but one that is very well known in the harbor as the ghost ship the Black Crow. The  Captain is none other than John J. Moreland the notorious pirate. Captain Moreland takes her on an eye opening adventure to learn why the ghostly Captain Ravenswood that haunts her house is obsessed with her, and how he became such a bitter man.

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