The Goblin Queen: Serpent's War, #3

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The Goblin Queen: Serpent's War, #3

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The Goblin Queen is book 3 in the Serpent's War series

Grishna isn't from around here. In fact, Grishna isn't from around anywhere - as far as anyone on Kroth knows. She comes from a faraway place across the void between stars. But she's here now, and thanks to the meddling of dragons, she's here to stay.

Her burning mission in life is to avenge her family. To carve her clan's name into the hide of the dragon that destroyed all but her. To that end she will do anything and everything, so long as breath fills her lungs and she has strength enough to swing a weapon. When the Blades of Leander happen upon her they must decide, is the enemy of their enemy a friend?  

The Blades and Grishna must both comes to terms with what extremes they would go to so that they would see justice done. What sacrifices are they willing to make?

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