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Fall River Bride...Lonely No More: Fall River Ranch - The Sweet Version
Fall River Bride...Lonely No More: Fall River Ranch - The Sweet Version
Fall River Bride...Lonely No More: Fall River Ranch - The Sweet Version
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Fall River Bride...Lonely No More: Fall River Ranch - The Sweet Version

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About this ebook

Falling in love was the easy part; living under the same roof is another matter entirely.

A second chance at forever love was something both Mac and Annie wanted. He expected her to be the one woman who would trust him to keep her safe. After an attempted break-in at her home in the city, Mac insists she live with him at the ranch while her home in being repaired.

Excited to experience life at Fall River with Mac, Annie would try her best to let him make the decisions. But, she was feisty and independent, sometimes to the point of being reckless when it came to her safety. To be happily married and have children was a dream they shared, but no one was going to be the boss of her!

Their continuing story unfolds with heart-warming and laughable twists and turns neither of them saw coming. [This is the sweet version of this story.]

Release dateAug 27, 2017
Fall River Bride...Lonely No More: Fall River Ranch - The Sweet Version
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    Book preview

    Fall River Bride...Lonely No More - Keriann McKenna

    Fall River Bride . . . Lonely No More


    Keriann McKenna


    Fall River Bride…Lonely No More, is the sweet version of Book Two in the Fall River Ranch Series.

    © 2017 Keriann McKenna and Ashlin Abbey Publishing, LLC

    Published by Ashlin Abbey Publishing, LLC

    All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, including electronic or mechanical, without written permission from the author and publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews.

    This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the authors’ imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This book is licensed for your personal enjoyment only.

    This book is available at all major distributors. If you find a pirated copy, please be kind enough to notify the author or contact Ashlin Abbey Publishing, LLC by emailing staff@ashlinabbey.com. Thank you for respecting the author’s work.

    Publisher: Ashlin Abbey Publishing, LLC August 2017

    eBook Cover Design: RLSather https://selfpubbookcovers.com

    Formatting: Keriann McKenna

    A Note from the Author

    Annie Campbell had been a widow for six years when she met Conall MacDermot. Mac, as he was called, lost his wife six years earlier also. Fall River Rancher…Lonely Too Long (Books 1) is the sweet version of The Key to Annie’s Heart, and Fall River Bride…Lonely No More (Book 2) is the sweet version of MacDermot’s Bride. Both books are about Mac and Annie’s journey to find love the second time around and are set in Colorado. They have many touching and laugh out loud moments.

    Mac’s father has a strong Scottish accent which I’ve modified so he will be easier to understand. He uses the word no in place of the word not. Though he doesn’t have a lot of dialogue in either book, I didn’t want my readers to think I continually made a typo. He really is a hoot and he’ll make you laugh, I promise.

    Book 3, The MacDermots of Scotland, takes you on their mysterious highland honeymoon. Book 4, On Loving A Woman ~ Do No Harm, was written by Mac’s Great-great-grandfather and has been hidden in the castle for years. It is set in Scotland in 1912.

    The first two books in the Fall River Ranch series were originally published in 2015 as erotic western romance. Many readers requested a sweeter version and the author was happy to accommodate those readers.

    Please, leave a review. They are so important to authors.

    Chapter One

    As the blue runway lights came into view, Arthur’s voice announced they were beginning their descent and the seatbelt sign lit up. When Mac heard the landing gear lock into place, he woke Annie and they dressed quickly. Annie returned to her seat, and he buckled her in before he sat and fastened his seatbelt.

    Arthur landed as smoothly as he always did and pulled the private plane into the hangar. As he exited the cockpit, Mac removed their bags from the overhead storage compartment and walked to the door.

    Great flight, Arthur; thank you, Mac said, patting his pilot on the shoulder.

    Yes, thank you, Arthur. Annie wanted her appreciation known.

    You’re welcome, Arthur answered, have a good evening.

    Once they were down the steps, Annie saw Mac’s car parked in the hangar. It was now sitting under one of the wings. Mac loaded the luggage and backed the car out, stopping to put up the top. They had gained two hours’ time but it was dark and there was a chill in the mountain air.

    They remained quiet for a while, each silently recalling the events of the past week.

    Annie recalled the tears in his mother’s eyes when Trudy shared the story of Mac losing his wife and only child, and the last order his father barked at them before speeding away. She’d spent one day with Mac’s parents and she was already thinking about how she would love to give them a grandchild.

    If she wasn’t taking birth control pills to regulate her periods, she could have conceived a child by joining the mile high club on the flight home. She’d been thinking about babies since they’d had dinner with his parents.

    She remembered how Mac treated Mitch like a son, taught him to handle the yacht in just a few days, played cards with him, and wasn’t afraid to apologize when he misjudged the young man Annie met on the island.

    She thought of her mother who had long given up the hope of ever having any grandchildren, and Annie knew her own heart, too. How she longed to have a child before her husband died so she could have a part of him with her always.

    Mac wasn’t bothered by Annie’s silence as he was deep in thought. His father’s order hadn’t fallen on deaf ears, and Mac would love to have a child with Annie. He would delight at seeing his parents over the top with joy. But, although he and Annie had made a commitment to one another, she had never been to his ranch on Fall River and he didn’t know how well she could adapt to his lifestyle. Time would tell, and if the renovations were complete, he just might take her home with him tonight. He reached for his cell phone and made a call.

    Hey, Victor, how’s it going?

    Annie had no idea who Victor was, but he seemed to do most of the talking, and she didn’t think asking would be appropriate. Mac’s contribution to the conversation consisted of ‘Uh huh’ and ‘Okay.’" When he ended the call, he turned to Annie.

    If you don’t mind, I’d like to stay with you tonight. He reached over and took her hand.

    I’d like that very much, she said, entwining her fingers with his. She wanted to say why just tonight; how about forever? She knew at some point they would discuss living together, but Mac was a rancher and he had some kind of connection to the US Department of Agriculture in Washington that she didn’t understand—top secret stuff. She couldn’t picture him living in the city. She’d have to give the ranch a try when the time came.

    Looking over at Mac, she realized it was more than that—she loved him. He would be a wonderful father, the kind of father she never had. He would be a good provider, would be kind and loving, and she wanted to have his baby. He was the one who always surprised her but now it could be her turn. She had nothing to offer him in the way of material things but this was one gift she could give him.

    So, what’s on the agenda for the weekend? she asked, as he turned onto her street.

    I’d like to spend it in bed with you. Mac raised an eyebrow as though asking a question. In fact, he was thinking he’d like to spend the rest of his life with this woman, and if he had anything to say about it, a good part of it would be spent in bed. In bed. Having great sex. And making babies.

    I was just thinking the same thing. She flashed a big smile. You’ve got a deal!


    Annie’s Craftsman style three bedroom bungalow was located just north of the city in what was considered a recovering neighborhood. The homes were well built in their day and while many were still in good condition, others had been neglected. As property values dropped, some less than desirable new owners or renters moved in, and Annie had been able to purchase her home for next to nothing. For the most part, the block she lived on consisted of well-cared for homes with a couple of exceptions. A block away, however, was another matter.

    Mac knew all about the area as he had studied it carefully after taking Annie home from their first date. He wasn’t a snob by any means; he didn’t look down on those less fortunate, but passing homes where loud music screamed from the porches and many young men congregated while smoking and drinking only added to his concern for Annie’s safety. The area might have been safe enough for a strong single man, but he didn’t consider it safe for any woman living alone. The ornamental ironwork over the windows on the sides of the house offered minimal protection from intruders. Both entrance doors, if they were original, were solid wood, so that was one plus. Once she was inside, she was probably safe; it was her coming and going that really worried him. She often worked late and arrived home well after dark, and come winter it would always be dark by the time she got home.

    Mac pulled into the driveway, and carrying the luggage he followed Annie up the front steps.

    Turn on the porch light, he said, after she unlocked the door.

    It’s burned out, she answered, turning back to give him a hand. I’ve been meaning to replace it but I keep forgetting to buy light bulbs.

    That’s not being very responsible, he cautioned her, setting the bags down in the entryway.

    Really, it’s fine. I’ll pick some up this week.

    Annie, if someone knocks, you can’t see who is at your door, he ground out.

    That’s why I have this chain. I can open the door enough to peek out but no one can come in.

    Oh, I see. Good idea, Mac said sarcastically. Show me how it works.

    Mac went outside and Annie slid the chain into position. When Mac knocked, Annie stood to the side of the door and opened it as far as the chain would allow. Before she could come close to looking out, Mac’s boot connected with the door, the chain snapped, and the door flew open.

    Still feel safe? Mac glared at her.

    Yes, I do, Annie insisted, picking up a baseball bat she always had beside the door and taking a swing at Mac.

    He extended his arm and stopped it cold; his hand twisted it out of Annie’s possession is seconds. He raised it as an intruder would to strike her. How about now? he growled. Do you feel safe now?

    Well, everybody isn’t as strong as you are. If you were someone else, I could have nailed you good.

    And when his friends stormed in, the friends you couldn’t see because you didn’t replace the porch light, I suppose you would have nailed them too.

    Yeah, I would have, but now I can’t even peek out because you broke the chain.

    The chain was useless, Darlin’. You should have a deadbolt on this door anyway, and you should never open it unless you know who is out there, Mac said, closing and locking the door.

    Annie wanted to forget the whole thing as she picked up her suitcase and walked to her bedroom. Mac grabbed the rest of the luggage and was right behind her. Seeing a second baseball bat beside her bed didn’t pacify him one bit.

    I suppose this is your back-up plan, he snarled as he nodded in the direction of the bat.

    It’s one of them, Annie said with confidence as she reached under her pillow, grabbed her Browning 9mm, and pointed it right at Mac.

    Jeezus, don’t point that thing at me. What the hell are you doing with a gun under your pillow? You could blow your brains out!

    Standing with her feet spread apart and both hands on the gun, Annie was sure she convinced him she knew what she was doing.

    Well, at least you’re holding it properly and your stance is good, Mac conceded, still just short of being livid.

    I’m not stupid; I watch all the cop shows on TV, she joked.

    Annie, put the gun down before you hurt someone, Mac ordered.

    There’s no need to panic, Mac. It’s not loaded.

    Mac couldn’t believe her innocence and false sense of security. No, on second thought, it wasn’t innocence, it was pure recklessness. She should have it loaded and know how to use it. Tough as she tried to look holding that gun, he knew she’d be lucky to get to it if someone broke in. And, even if she did, she didn’t have anything but an empty clip in it. He made a mental note to teach her how to load and shoot a gun once they got to the ranch.

    Annie put the gun away in the nightstand drawer and began to unpack.

    Mind if I look around? Mac wanted to check out the rest of the house.

    No, I don’t mind, she replied, hoping it would occupy him awhile.

    Mac roamed around the house taking everything in. The living room was a good size, with hardwood floors and nice archways. The original brick on the fireplace looked solid; there was a bookcase with glass doors on each side, and small leaded glass windows above each bookcase. The dining room was adequate for a family but the kitchen was quite small. The room Annie used as her bedroom was slightly larger than the other two and all of them had small closets. One bathroom was definitely a drawback, but it did have nice fixtures and what appeared to be a newly tiled floor. There was a door off the kitchen leading to a small enclosed back porch and a second door leading to the back yard. The yard was narrow but deep, surrounded by a chain link fence, and an alley ran the length of the block. The one car garage was detached.

    The interior was comfortably decorated with what Mac thought she probably purchased from a thrift store. There was nothing wrong with second hand furniture and managing her money well, especially since she helped her mother every month. It certainly had rental capabilities and he knew a big burly guy, a bouncer at one of the clubs downtown, was looking for a place. This house would be perfect for him and he was menacing enough that nobody in their right mind would mess with him. All he had to do was convince Annie to move in with him. He had a feeling that wasn’t going to be easily accomplished.

    Annie met up with him as he came back into the kitchen. I don’t have much in the house to offer you, she said, but I do have an unopened bottle of wine and I think I still have a couple of airline bottles of Beam on the top shelf of the cupboard. They have been there for years; I hope they’re still good.

    Beam never goes bad, Mac said, reaching to the back of the top shelf and retrieving two little bottles.

    I’ve got some cheese and crackers, too. Annie smiled.

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