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I love you, Atargatis... you will do everything I want you to do. If you don’t, you will be punished and struck down until you obey me. My sweet Atargatis.
When Atargatis was left on Earth by her parents, Zeus and Hera, she was tasked with bringing justice and peace to the land of Syria in 3000 BC, and swiftly became a goddess loved by her people. After four years on her own, Atargatis was finally reunited with her family on Olympus and welcomed with open arms, yet Zeus had some unsettling plans for her–marriage.
Bound by her father’s wishes to marry his own brother Hades–God of the Underworld, Atargatis is now torn between her true love and her duty. The tempestuous god Hades’ impatience and jealousy begin to run wild, and soon there will be a battle at hand, but which lover will win?

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