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The Malthus Project

371 pages5 hours


Los Alamos Scientist Brian Callaghan creates what could be the next superweapon – A device that can send a concentrated electromagnetic pulse (EMP) beam to destroy electronic circuits in enemy military systems, from airplanes to missiles and even satellites. After initial tests reveal the system won’t work for that purpose, a biologist, Adeen Reilly, discovers that it has sterilized pine bark beetles in the canyon where it was tested. She teams up with Callaghan to develop a version that can fly over infested forest areas and eradicate the pests.
But when their tests demonstrate that the technology can also sterilize women, they rush to destroy the EMP generator before it gets into the hands of those who would turn it into a superweapon – one that could sterilize the women of entire countries from a satellite in space. But it’s too late. Other countries, including their own, have found out about it and will do anything to create one for themselves. As romance grows in spite of their contentious relationship they’re forced to run for their lives to prevent this from happening.
Danger, suspense, action, and romance characterize this techno-thriller.

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