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What You Need to Know Before You Travel to Costa Rica: Costa Rica Traveler's Guide to Make The Most Out of Your Trip

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If you’re a fan of outdoor activities that bring a sense of fun and adventure to your vacation, then Costa Rica also has plenty to offer. Try zip-lining through the rain forest canopy, hiking one of the many brisk, high-altitude trails, or stroll along one of the national parks and take in all of the amazing wildlife. Since the country is considered to be the adventure –tourism and eco-tourism capital of Central America, chances are that eager travelers are going to find plenty of things to see and do while spending time in the country. Travelers who are fans of wildlife will marvel at the sheer number of eccentric species found in Costa Rica as well. Keep a look out for the keel-billed toucans as they perch from the treetops as well as the beautiful scarlet macaws. Perhaps you’ll be able to spot the shy sloth hiding on a branch or hear the loud, shrill calls of the howler monkey. And don’t forget about the marine life when you venture to the shores of the country. Here you’ll find a wide range of tropical fish, dolphins, sharks, whales and stingrays, making for a perfect day of snorkeling or scuba diving.

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Why You Will Fall In Love With Costa Rica! General Costa Rica Overview (Regions, Transport, Culture) The Most Beautiful Costa Rica Regions

 The Costa Rican Islands

 Off the Beaten Path: The “Hidden” Beaches of Costa Rica

 Crash Guide to Costa Rican Cuisine

 Rock Solid Travel Tips to Make Your Experience Amazing

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