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What You Need to Know Before You Travel to China: China Traveler’s Guide to Make the Most Out of Your Trip

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From the moment you land to the moment you leave there's never any question, never a semblance of doubt about where you are. This is China. It's written onto every face, every street corner, every journey, and every destination. Even in the states annexed by China – like Tibet – the mark of China never leaves. And China is not like anywhere else. It's confusing and challenging. There's limited special treatment. For the most part, you must jump in with two feet and absorb the good and the bad, from deciphering Chinese calligraphy to spending weeks exclusively eating local food. Sometimes you can't pick or choose. This guidebook contains a whole section on how to survive in China, helping to minimize the culture shock as you explore the country.

At the same time, China's greatest appeal is its sheer sundry of destinations. No two traveler's itineraries are the same. In fact, most travelers won't even cross paths.

What You will find inside:

Why You Will Fall In Love With China!

 Welcome to the Mighty Scotland! Let's Start Planning Your Trip - Essential Tips You Must Know How to Survive (and Thrive!) In China

 Short Mention on the Destination Chapters Beijing and the Northeast

 The East Coast and Shanghai

 Hong Kong and South China

 Xian and the Central Regions

 Chengdu and South-central China Southwest China inc Kunming

 Lhasa and Tibet

 Northwest China

 And More...

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