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The New Maid: Dinner Party Sissies

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Mistress Catherine is having some friends over for a dinner party. Her three sissy maids need to have the house spotless and ready for their arrival or there will be hell to pay. But for the sissy maids of course there will be hell to pay either way!

Soon after Maid Tanya's thrilling day out shopping for make-up and clothes with Mistress Catherine and Mistress Sophia (see 'The New Maid: Public Humiliation II') the women they met that day are invited to a dinner party, and naturally Maid Tanya and her friends will be the main course!

The women want to learn how to train sissy maids of their own, Mistress Catherine and Sophia are only too happy to teach them, by using maids Tanya, Nancy and Janice to practice on. Pleasure, punishment and humiliation are doled out by the trainee mistresses with great enthusiasm and the poor sissy maids have no choice but to obey, endure and enjoy!

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