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Shared and Ravished by Four Men

13 pages11 minutes


Stunning young Claudia eagerly awaits outside the Italian restaurant for the arrival of her blind date.

Hungry to satisfy her uncontrollable urges, the flirtatious blonde is no stranger to male attention and is eager to satisfy her insatiable cravings.

But when the date fails to turn up. She turns her body’s attention of the four hunky waiters serving plying her with alcohol and food.

Eager to fulfill her appetite, the busty blonde takes advantage of the proceedings and instead of one wild night of passion for a lucky man.......

.......she finds her indulging in an afternoon of unrivalled please at the hands of four studs eager to ravish every single inch of he tender young body........


Advisory: This 3000 word insanely hot erotic short story will set your emotions alight

This erotica book contains explicit sexuality and adult situations including first time rough group menage, a submissive younger woman submitting every inch of her fertile body to four older men and should be purchased and read by adults only. The content may be considered objectionable, so please read at your own discretion.

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