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Ravishing Her Virgin Fifth Base

20 pages12 minutes


Janet took pride in her breathtaking body.

Wearing the shortest skirts leaving nothing to the imagination exposing eye-popping levels of cleavage, the stunning blonde gripped men’s attention the moment they laid eyes on her.

In the midst of a getaway trip, the stunning woman dons her tightest yoga pants and low cut t-shirt, commencing a long and lonely walk along the park.

A handsome older man’s attention is drawn to her virgin ass and he strikes up a conversation with the busty blonde.

Sparks fly and the tension is ripe for exploring.

It’s not long before the woman uses her breathtaking rear to lead the male into her hotel room, stripping down to her lingerie and bends over, offering the stranger her anal cherry for total domination.........


Advisory: This 3000 word insanely hot erotic short story will set your emotions alight

This erotica book contains explicit sexuality and adult situations including a first time submissive virgin her body or the ultimate pleasure in her forbidden zone and should be purchased and read by adults only. The content may be considered objectionable, so please read at your own discretion.

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