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Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles - Books 1-3: Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles

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Two souls destined to be mates through time…
In 15th Century Scotland, Broderick "Rick" MacDougal seeks immortality to avenge the deaths of his clan. Yet in this quest for revenge, he's inexplicably drawn to a young widow, Davina Stewart-Russell, and her soul is entwined with his for eternity. He is immortal. She is human. 

Eternal torment for the salvation of an entire race…
Granting her immortality will doom the souls of all vampires. Broderick must endure the agony of losing his soul mate again and again, as she is reincarnated every century until the prophecy is fulfilled. Will Broderick sacrifice all others of his kind for a chance to have his true love for eternity?

Darkness overshadows their love…
The prophecy is more than just redemption for the souls of all vampires, who are bound to serve Satan. The vampire prince has his own agenda to take the throne, and Broderick's sworn enemy isn't the only evil that chases the lovers through time. In the end, Davina's soul is the intended sacrifice and the fury of hell is about to be unleashed.
This bundle includes the first three books of the Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles.

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