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The Breeding Tactic: Part 1: The Beginning of a Cheating Hotwife

42 pages36 minutes


Tina and Tim have an active and fun-filled sex life, but they're missing something from their normal, everyday lives despite their best efforts at lovemaking: a baby.

Tina's friend Nicole suggests something that Tina takes up, and gets Tim to agree to - to find a surrogate father to breed her, with a contractual agreement, and she and Tim can have the child they've always dreamed of. But as things start off, there's already a hint of something more sinister going on.

Tryouts must commence before they select the person who will eventually fuck Tina hard, deep, and often enough to impregnate her, and Stan will be the first of many that Tim will allow into his wife's most intimate places.

Will this bode well for Tim and Tina? Will they have the child they've wanted for so long? Or is there indeed something more, lurking backstage?

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