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The Governess 1

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Sexual role play is a sexual behavior between two or more people in which they take on erotic roles to carry out a sexual fantasy. The depth of the role play depends on the couple, and the scenario may be anywhere from simple and makeshift, to detailed and elaborate, complete with costumes and a script. Unfortunately, there are not many resources out there for couples wishing to start out in sexual role play, but don't know where to start...until now. Introducing SexSkits...

When we were children, our play was only bound only by our imaginations. But as we became adults, we somehow lost touch with our imaginative streak when it comes to playing with others, especially in intimate moments with our lovers. This is where SexSkits comes in to play. SexSkits give us a script to follow and the ability to pretend that we are someone else, and our lover is someone else, all in the safety and privacy of our own bedrooms. And because SexSkits have been specifically designed and written with intimate play in mind, they are easy to learn and follow, so no matter how shy or uncomfortable we may feel at the moment, we can work through those temporary feelings to a moment of shared orgasmic bliss with our partners through sexual role play.

The SexSkit begins with GOVERNESS sitting behind her desk when CHARGE arrives in the morning for his daily instruction. CHARGE enters the room and goes immediately to his seat, not presenting his completed homework to GOVERNESS as is customary. GOVERNESS asks CHARGE for his homework, and he advises her that he did not complete it. GOVERNESS makes a notation in her grade book, and then instructs CHARGE to open his history book to chapter 12 and begin reading aloud. CHARGE hesitates, and then informs GOVERNESS that he has forgotten his history booking his room. GOVERNESS begins to chastise CHARGE severely for not completing his homework, and for forgetting his book.

CHARGE goes to his bedroom, hastily completes his homework, retrieves his history book and knocks on the door, and waits for it to be answered. After approximately 1⁄2 a minute, the door opens, revealing a very displeased GOVERNESS. GOVERNESS looks down to see that CHARGE is holding his text book and homework. GOVERNESS walks over to her desk, sits down and reviews it. GOVERNESS realizes that it was hastily completed, and is far below the standards she has come to expect from CHARGE. GOVERNESS immediately voices her displeasure with the sub-standard work, and motions him to approach her desk...

SexSkit Genre: Authority
SexSkit Sub-genre: Control
SexSkit Difficulty: Moderate
SexSkit Fantasy Base: For Her
SexSkit Scripted Sexual Actions: Light FemDom spanking, fellatio, Male Masturbation, Cunnilingus, Intercourse

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