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Democratic Values (Political Essay)

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This is a relatively small speech about the moral and the democracy, the point being that these are /different/ things; also about the democracy in general and is it good or bad and why it is how it is; as also about what we can do if we want to make the things better. But, it being a speech, you have to know, that the word “speech” is related with the word ... “spit”, what has to say that one has to expect some “spitting” against the democracy (especially by the greatest /demo-critical realist/, how I name myself). Well, if you think so, then you will not be disappointed, especially in the poetical appendix at the end, what has become a tradition for me in these 5 (till 2017, but their number may grow a bit later) social essays. This verse was one of my first in English where I have shown my preferred inclination to the so called nursery rhymes, like this:

If we were clever
We would have never
The d`emocracy chosen, something else, whatever.

But we aren't, and because of this we have come to it, as one well-thought way for cheating of the masses. I have written several books about the democracy, but this small essay as if is the quintessence of all (at least up to that date, when it was composed), so that I advise you to read it, it isn't long. Because you have to deserve somehow the right to come to the funny end, methinks.

Ah, here are all social essays for the moment:

1. Democratic Values
2. Search For The Woman
3. Social Evils
4. Bulgarian Survival
5. Our Inability To Destroy

Expected is No 6, About Bulgarian Barbarity

Hmm, and if you, my possible readers, don't read me for free, then I can easily stop to publish free books here, am I clear? After all, you can always find me somewhere on the Internet, so that I have done my moral obligation.

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