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Camouflage Venom

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Camouflage Venom is a 80,000 word military mystery. When PFC Virginia joins the military there was still a cold war going on and the wall is still a wall in Berlin. She is stationed in Nuremberg Germany with the 595th Military Police. Things seem great, and she even falls in love with an officer until the company gets a new commander who is still fighting the Vietnamese in his mind. He sees women in the army as a liability and uses any means possible to get rid of them. When one woman after another ends up leaving the company, one in a body bag, she has no choice but to try and stop him. Her illicit love affair makes her a target. The only person she can turn to is her platoon sergeant, 1st Sergeant Blanks for help. When Blanks ends up dead, was it murder or not? Now with the commander on her trail she must get to the airport to give the evidence to Blanks' widow. But will she believe Hornet, and can she help?

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