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Chemical Reaction: Nerds of Paradise, #6

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Calliope Clutterbuck has always been the life of the party, a veritable friend-magnet. Except for that time in eighth grade when her former bestie, Kathy Standish, stole her boyfriend at the Templesmith’s pool party. But that’s all water under the bridge, right? She’s and adult now and approaches life rationally and maturely.

Except that her sister and her close friends are all now in relationships, leaving her the perpetual third wheel. And guess who just moved back to town? Yep, Kathy.

Jonathan Cross has had his eye on Calliope almost from the moment he moved to Haskell to work for Paradise Space Flight. But his job—and his position as Howie’s go-to event organizer—has kept him too busy to do anything about it. Until he is able to literally rescue Calliope and sweep her off her feet.

So they finally get together and date happily ever after, right?

If only it were that easy!

When Jonathan takes on a leadership role in Howie’s fall mixer, renovating old Haskell buildings, he naturally picks Calliope to be his right-hand woman. But old wounds and new rivalries abound when Kathy also ends up smack in the middle of the project. Can Calliope and Jonathan’s fledgling relationship overcome the pain of the past, or will insecurity end it before it takes off?


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