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Flight of the Intrepid Monkey II: The Search for the Constellation

320 pages4 hours


The greatest science fiction adventure ever written (unless you count other science fiction adventures) continues! Gil Johnson, his beloved wife Julie and their pirate co-workers set forth from their home planet, Zooks, on a new adventure involving the stealing of terribly necessary machine parts. On Earth, the Interplanetary Government is set to dissolve, leaving Scotland to fill the power vacuum and assume the title of Most Powerful Nation on Earth! With the fate of nations in the balance, war a distinct possibility and a wedding needing to be planned, can Gil and his friends manage to find appropriate swimwear for a daring assault on a deadly Death Star? What have Scotland, Canada, angry cleaning ladies, Amish jam makers, pirates, accountants, Popes and Cardinals, government officials and Specialist Johnson have in common? All will be revealed as you join the crew of the Intrepid Monkey on their second great adventure – “Flight of the Intrepid Monkey II - The Search for the Constellation”!

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