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Productivity for Writers

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***Runner-up at Nottingham Writers' Studio Awards 2018 for best nonfiction book***

More than 80% of the global population wants to write a book, but the majority never do.

Fear, anxiety, day jobs, family commitments, procrastination, depression, self-doubt, and the ubiquitous 'writer's block' all get in the way.

But what if they didn't have to?

What if you could overcome all the obstacles that stop you from writing, even the ones you didn't know you had?

What if there was a book that could teach you how to:

Discover what's REALLY stopping you from writing (it may not be what you think) Get over writer's block once and for all Be a more confident writer Procrastinate less Write faster< Make the most of the time that you have to write...whether that's five minutes or five hours each day Use your anxiety to your advantage Find your motivation to write And forge a writing routine?

Enter Productivity for Writers.

In Productivity for Writers, you'll learn:

What to do when you're stuck in a rut How to channel your creativity How to find time to write when you feel like you don't have any time left The best times and places to write How to free write How to get over self-doubt Why depression and anxiety don't have to stop you from writing How self-care can make you a better writer Why writers block doesn't exist The best tools to write your book, blog post, poem, or copy And much, much, more!

Praise for Productivity for Writers:

"Honest, simple and, most importantly, useful. If you really want to change your writing habits for the better this book is the only one you'll ever need." - Sarah Hindmarsh, author and chair of Nottingham Writers' Studio

"Loved it! Honest, enthusiastic and very informative." - Reviewer

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