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God's CV: Volume one

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Have you ever wonder who God is ? Have you ever wonder about His personality, His aura, His Charisma, His awesomeness, His vastness, His bigness, His largeness, His loving- kindness, His Faithfulness, His richness and His unquantifiable greatness?Have you been left dumbfounded whenever you try to imagine the unimaginable God?Have you ever been fascinated by the fact that no man can fully fathom who God is? In this book  titled " God's CV" I try to unravel and demonstrate to you who God is and how great is His majesty. So many people do not know the God of the universe, so I try to show the world, most especially Christian  an inexhustable list of about one thousand and one names of God in this first volumn. It is obvious that if you want to really know a person, you can easily do that by glancing through their CV and if you really want to know who God is, you must go- through His CV.In this book I also try to show you who the uncreated creator is through His personally CV. You can only comprehend a meagre amount of the vastness of the creator but this book will widen your horizon about who God is, what He has done, and their is nothing He cannot do. If you have any impossible situation i challange you to read God's CV and your life will never remain thesame again. This book is a most read for all including all Atheist. Get your copy now!

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