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A Long Way Homeless

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Steve Parry was a homeless man fighting for survival in Melbourne, he was living in road for few weeks. He had a bulldog named Vuddy. Steve was a fat man with clumsy hair, there was nothing special about him except his fighter spirit.
Steve was working in MANZA bank, the Bank moved his job overseas. His partner Brasmi did not let this opportunity go waste and filed for divorce, Steve was not ready for divorce, but Brasmi won in the court, the court gifted his home and savings to Brasmi as alimony. Steve had nowhere to go, he had very less money and there was hardly any job in the market. He had been observing homeless people for years, he was very sympathetic to them, he always helped homeless people with changes, and he received lot of goodwill from homeless people. Will Steve ever return to normal life?

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