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The Man Who Fell Through the Earth: A Pennington Wise Mystery

254 pages3 hours


Madison Avenue attorney Tom Brice is working late one night when he overhears an argument raging in the adjoining office suite belonging to the mysterious recluse Amos Gately. A gunshot rings out. Brice panics and flees but his conscience gets the better of him. Returning, he enters Gately’s office but there is no sign of a murder or … of anyone. As Brice never left the building, how did the people he heard arguing exit without passing him? Moreover, the place is spotless - there wasn’t enough time to clear up any sign of a struggle or bloodshed. And Brice definitely heard a shot!

Flummoxed, Brice contacts the only person in New York City capable of solving such a conundrum. It’s up to Pennington Wise and his quirky sidekick Zizi to solve the mystery of … The Man Who Fell Through the Earth.

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