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Arrival of the Seekers

252 pages3 hours


When young Santa Fe rancher Jake Logan returns from England at the end of WW II, he imagines his part in the war is over. But is it? After a mysterious vessel crashes on his land, he discovers that two days are missing from his life. Are his recollections of an alien abduction simply a bad dream? Surely Abigail Chambers was real. He can’t be certain until he reads about another space ship crash near Roswell.

After trying to notify the authorities, Logan finds himself chased by the FBI and by Russian spies. He successfully locates the lovely Abigail, but they are soon on the run again, evading one set of dangers only to face another. They are quickly embroiled in intergalactic and international intrigue, dealing with conspiracies and threats at the highest levels of the United States government and with powerful extraterrestrial civilizations.

The fate of the country and the Earth hangs in balance. Will the help of two enigmatic time travelers be enough? And can Logan and Abby successfully deflect a major threat to the future?

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