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A Family Divided by Color

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A Family Divided by Color is a heartfelt story about Abby Brenner who faces impossible struggles. She became a mother at fifteen. She was on welfare, lives in a run-down house, while raising two sons, Peter and Alex. Peter is the son of a white man that loves money over his son. Alex is the son of a black man, who has no desire to be a part of his life. Abby struggles to keep sanity in her life as well as her sons. While being faced with betrayal, poverty, and heartbreaks, she must keep going because her sons are everything to her. But, what happens to her when she feels as though she can’t continue in such a direction. Will having her own flesh question his racial existence tore her soul? What happens when a family is divided color? Can these children get past feeling forsaken or will they remain divided?

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