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Reeves Indeed!

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'Reeves Indeed!' collects a short series of humorous, all-dialogue science fiction stories that present the adventures of robot butler Reeves, who serves (after a fashion) his master in a linked sequence of ever-more bizarre and apocalyptic situations.

This collection includes the final, previously unpublished 'Reeves' story. None of the others in the series have been published in ebook format until now.

- Writing on the Wall (first published in Daily Science Fiction, 2011)
- Warbling Their Way to War (first published in Plasma Frequency Magazine, 2013)
- Supply and Demand in the Post-War Economy (first published in Daily Science Fiction, 2014)
- Delicious Served Cold (first published in Space Squid, 2017)
- Speak for Yourself (first published in this ebook, 2017).

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