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Winding Ways

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Everyone wanders through a world of light and darkness, seeking a place in the sun to spend the final decades of life. Winding Ways is every person’s journey through the middle years into the elder years, with a few tweaks here and there. It is a trip from funny and ridiculous to woeful and introspective with stops along the way to admire a sunrise or a flower and hear a bird singing. All are welcome to take this journey through the next part of life, to walk upon any path you choose and enjoy the experience.

Friends are like snowflakes.
Each a unique beauty,
Blanketing us with love
and subtle alterations.

Swept away by the north wind
deserting us, shivering and alone,
until the next blizzard
and new friends drift in

Memories linger
like the imprints on a window
of impaled snowflakes,
sparkling in the sunlight.

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