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This Journey We Call Life

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A wonderful collection of ten short fiction stories from Diana Hunter - including one never-before-published short story - proving that Diana writes well in many genres, not just the erotic romance she's known for.

The collection begins with "Mouse" - take one field mouse, a harried occupational therapist and add an hysterical client into the mix for a fun action/adventure like no other - and continues with "Never", another action/adventure with a much more serious tilt. "I Stay A Little Longer" continues the serious vein with a story of what happens after the funeral of one's long-time partner. Don't worry, "The Fairies of Lough Gur" lightens the fare with two love-sick fairies both pining over the same man. Erm, fairy.

"Blinding Love" continues the romantic theme, showing that a disability is no hamper to enduring love and "Bar Fight" takes a right turn - or is that right uppercut? - into a story that definitely needs to be longer. "Healing" is in the fantasy genre and poses some modern-day questions about our responsibilities to the Earth. Then along comes "Twue Wuv" and its homage to that wonderful movie, The Princess Bride. The collection ends with a new story, "Prom Night Prep", where every woman will recognize the agonies of looking perfect.

The characters in these stories are sometimes in love, sometimes just having a bit of fun, and sometimes terrified but, in every case, they're taking very definite steps along this journey we call life.

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