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Bug House

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Protecting their habitat!
Centuries ago, they bathed their homeland in blood.
There was / is nothing good or bad about the pair’s excesses.
That is what Transylvanians “do” and have always done.
Time is of the essence! The tour buses are moving in!
With their small family, they must reclaim their home.

Two of the world’s most prolific murderers together for the first time!
Prince Vlad Tepes Dracula — The mass murdering fiend with a soft spot for stranded kittens.
Elizabeth “the Bloody Countess” Bathory — The mass-murdering fiend with a weakness for her 1970 Hemi Challenger.

Betina Lupta Axe —The Witch
a.k.a. Infinity Upton-Downs, author of hundreds of “bodice-ripping novels.
Meine Runt-Pferde — My Tiny Horsies:
The German all-male choral group turned mercenaries — hired to help steal and bleed Transylvania.
The Hell’s Angles — Yes, Angles NOT Angels!
A “weekend motorcycle club” of fat middle-aged architects — transformed into Vlad and Elizabeth’s savage army.
The Black Friday Shoppers
The dreaded horde of women cutthroats.
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