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Emperor Augustus of Lumina lies dead, and yet as his final political act, he named Shi’ahn, still despised by most, as the Guardian of Croi’solas, the Emperor’s crystal of power. Will she be banished, or yet again imprisoned, before she can prove her worth and loyalty?

The Emperor had also hidden away all the old prophesies, leaving the current generation with no hint of the coming darkness. Before the new Emperor sits an entire day upon the throne, Lumina is attacked by a far more dangerous enemy than anyone has ever encountered before.

Cailliach had been preparing for this invasion since the very beginning of her realm, and begins awakening ancient family members long since placed in stasis. William joins in the protection of the Spire, a traditional Nebulaean duty, and Shi’ahn’s powers prove uniquely successful in combating the new enemies.

Can this disharmonious family put aside their differences, as well as their daggers, long enough to defeat this mysterious new enemy?

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