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Deadly Vows

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Have you ever had a marriage that was so good that it hurts so badly? Stacy Moss was madly in love with her high school sweetheart, Johnny Kaine and decided to marry him. Since those words “I Do” was spoken, Stacy’s life has become complicated with violence from her husband. She and her kids are terrified of him. Johnny was a cop until he quit by becoming corrupt selling drugs to beating his wife and kids, and prostituting women. He had become a menace.

Many times, Stacy tried to leave but ended up coming back because of her fear for him. She loved her husband dearly but needed a way out. Things were shaken up after she found a video tape of her husband and his friends having sex with her mother. The table has turned with violence when Johnny is shot four times. When a woman is fed up; there is nothing going to stop her, even if it means killing her whole family. Who might not die? Who will die?

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