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Heartless Bastard

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What would you do if the man you married hated your kids? In Heartless Bastard, Aliyyah Porter, is a black woman who marries a white man named Jordan Gibbs. Aliyyah craved a perfect family but when her children ended up in the hospital with stitches to the face and another almost choked to death; they would all soon learn that the perfect family came at a costly price.

Aliyyah came into the marriage with four kids: Caleb, Shane, Tre, and Kristen while Jordan had only one son, Jessie.  Aliyyah’s love was unconditional, even though they suffered mentally, physically, and verbally at Jordan’s hands.    Because of her love she refused to leave her husband. In the end Aliyyah was torn between loving her husband and protecting her kids.

Jordan hated the kids including his own son, but not as much as they hated him. Holding her family together was a living hell, but the drama she faced with her other baby daddies was a nightmare. Jordan wanted a life alone with Aliyyah. He stated, “Either your kids die alone or we all die together. I may be a HEARTLESS BASTARD but our vows states Til Death Do Us Apart.”

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