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Sonny has a debilitating fear of men. Tal is a scary looking tattooed bad-ass. Can Tal get Sonny past her fear and help her become whole?
Two erotic audios included when you buy this collection. Be sure to snuggle up and to listen to them alone--or with your lover!
After Sonny confided her a past trauma to Tal, he does what he can to help her move forward. Sonny is terrified of men, but there’s something about Tal that allows her to open up to him and her trust for him has been growing.

Then she learns a terrifying secret about Tal, that throws her into emotional turmoil and she draws away from him.

Sonny learns about Tal’s past demons and that draws the two of them closer together. As the oppressive bonds of pain begin to loosen, and she starts to think she might become whole again, she runs into someone from her past, and that encounter strips her of all the progress she’s gained.

Tal wants to kill the man who hurt Sonny so horrendously and his actions bring out his violent nature, shocking him and Sonny. As a result, Tal raises a barrier between him and Sonny that might be too devastating for either of them to get past.

Sonny reaches out to Tal, showing him her full vulnerability and trust, and they experience an intimacy and closeness neither would have believed possible.

Afterward, will Tal close up again and walk away, denying the future they could have together? Or will Sonny be able to convince him that, despite what they’ve both suffered, love can conquer all?

Opal Carew’s Dirty Talk series, is a poignant erotic romance about a woman struggling with her sexuality because of a devastating trauma from her past, and the strong, sensitive man who helps her find her way. If you love wounded bad-assed alpha heroes with a strong, protective streak then you’ll want to follow Sonny and Tal on their very special journey in Dirty Talk!

Buy this very tender and moving erotic romance series today!


The books in the Dirty Talk series are:
#1: Dirty Talk, Secret Pleasures
#2: Dirty Talk, Whispers in the Dark
#3: Dirty Talk, Sweet Release
#4: Dirty Talk, Blissful Surrender


Opal is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of erotic contemporary romance. Her books have won several awards, including the National Readers’ Choice Award (twice), the Golden Leaf Award (twice), the Golden Quill (3 times), CRA Award of Excellence, and Silken Sands.

Opal Carew writes about passion, love, and taking risks. Her heroines follow their hearts and push past the fear that stops them from realizing their dreams... to the excitement and love of happily-ever-after.

Opal loves nail polish, cats, crystals, dragons, feathers, pink hair, the occult, Manga artwork, Zentangle, and all that glitters. She earned a degree in Mathematics from the University of Waterloo, and spent 15 years as a software analyst before turning to her passion as a writer. She grew up in Toronto, and now lives in Ottawa with her husband, huge nail polish collection, and five cats.

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