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Sen is the oldest son to the Four Horseman known as Death. He’s inherited all of his father’s powers, is half shifter, and is set to take over the name Death if his father retires. Being young, he thinks it’ll be years before he finds his fated mate. That is, until fate decides otherwise.

Narvi is a vampire bat shifter. A rare breed among rare breeds. His family is well off and in order to form an alliance of peace with a rival clan they decide to marry him off to the highest bidder so to speak. Only, the groom isn’t exactly nice and Narvi pays the price when he walks away from his impending nuptials.

Sen is out for blood. Narvi’s family will do anything to get him back and have him marry. Will Sen be able to protect Narvi or will his need for vengeance scare the poor man back to his family?

(Warning: Contains sexual content, Minor referrals to past rape traumas, Mpreg, Man on Man action, and explicit language. Not recommended for those under the age of 18.)

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