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Leave the Body Behind (Sojourns of the Soul)

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Discover your True Self ... when you remove the ball and chain of your attachments!

Remember, you are a Soul who resides in a body, and its shape and size and colour bear no relevance to the truth you desire. So, while the choice to nurture or neglect one’s physical embodiment remains, where can you quench the inner thirst of your Divine essence? And, what life-path will eradicate those ill thoughts and words and deeds of the past, and release the burden of one’s karmic shadow?

This short-read will show you how to experience the magnificence of your true self, and help you to comprehend your own brilliance is without limitation. Through the silence of your Sojourns, you learn the reality of freedom, which brings clarity and focus by revealing the truth of who and what you are. In stillness, you will forget the attachments of this world, elevate beyond the human form, and Leave the Body Behind.
book reviews:
Katie Read
5.0 out of 5 stars my soul has been transported to the most beautiful places thanks to the beautifully crafted texts in this ...22 October 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
I have been blessed to have read all of David's books so far and I am grateful each day for the connection that I felt from the very first book Pathway. My life has changed beyond recognition and I believe that reading David's books was the catalyst for those changes. I was honoured to have been gifted David's latest book 'Leave the Body Behind' for an honest review. Meditation is now a major part of my life and each time I have read a new chapter in this book, my soul has been transported to the most beautiful places thanks to the beautifully crafted texts in this book. I have been able to literally leave my body and the pain I experience within it - both physically and emotionally. I will be buying the physical book because I want to hold this masterpiece in my hands. Thank you, David, for this book that has appeared during a major transitional period in my life once again. Katie Read BSc Open (Hons)
MD @ STAGES registered Charity 1162303 - supporting Mental Health with Mindfulness, Reiki, Music Therapy, Art Therapy and various other Holistic Therapies.

5.0 out of 5 stars A DELIGHTFUL LITTLE BOOK!
22 October 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
This delightful little book is ideal for taking one’s imagination out of the ordinary ... into the extraordinary. The energy with which it has been written has a calming effect on the soul and one cannot help but want to ‘take oneself there’. This is able to be done with great ease due to the purity of channeling from the author and enables Truth to visit the soul from the Highest Source. A peaceful read that takes one on enchanting journeys, leaving one’s Being rested yet, recharged. Highly recommended.
Blossom Goodchild. (Direct Voice Channeller for White Cloud and the Federation Of Light).
(I have received this Advance reader copy in exchange for an honest review).

Ashleigh Marshall
5.0 out of 5 stars Another fascinating, positive & helpful book by David Knight which will promote development in all aspects of self. 27 October 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
I feel so lucky to have been able to read yet another fabulous book by David Knight. As someone who has always been open-minded in terms of religion and spirituality, each book by this author has helped me to progress further as a person and also grow stronger in my own beliefs. This book is very thought-provoking - it has helped me to understand a lot of things and has also brought up some new questions for me which, in turn, will help me to develop more. I really do feel privileged to have had the opportunity to read this. Fantastic read & I 100% recommend this book along with others by David

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