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The Witches In Love Part 3: 6 Fantasy Fiction Romance Short Stories

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The Witches In Love Part 3: 6 Fantasy Fiction Romance Short Stories

Total word count 22,560.

Please note that each of these short stories can all be bought as a standalone single story.

The Lady Of The Woods

Lord Godfrey Merton finds himself frustrated on taking the wrong path which sees him soon lost in the wild woodlands.

However, he could not foresee that his mere mistake would see him making the most important discovery of his life as he comes face to face with the mysterious lady of the woods.

The Prince’s Choice

Prince David of Stratford has to make the choice of a wife from Lord Merton’s many daughters. Not wanting to marry at all David is reluctant to join with any of the prospects meant as a bride for him, until that is someone quite unexpectedly catches his eye, and what follows onwards can only be described as pure magic!

A Journey’s Start

Zachary is eager to embark on a new beginning far away from the mundane life he had once known. He had hoped for much adventure, but even he could not have foreseen that his fate would be entwined with a mystery woman possessing the most magical of voices and spirit.

The Witch’s Secret

Ronan is taken by surprise when his uncle Master Sultan brings back after his long travels a troop of prisoners from a distant land to which he is unfamiliar with. Little information is disclosed to him of their origins or the reason for their gloomy fate, but he is given specific instructions to guard them carefully under lock and key.

If only it were that easy, with Ronan becoming obsessed to find out the mystery behind the prisoners, and especially one prisoner specifically, a young beautiful woman called Samira, who possesses the most amazing blue eyes that haunt him in his dreams.

A Place Of Love And Magic

Frazer was looking for a place of sanctuary when he ran away into the forbidden forest. He had only expected a little peace and quiet away from his troubles, but what and whom he discovers in the forest will change his life forever!

A Place Of Love And Magic: The Return

Princess Oona enters into the sacred forest with Tristan the stable master, hoping to find the one who has summoned her there.

She had not envisaged just how much her visit would change her. Not only does she get the answers back to the mystery surrounding her origins, but she also comes to learn more importantly the true nature of love!

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