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The Code of Buddyhood

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Bobby Beresford and Mark Szasz, the self-appointed "Knights Templar of the Code of Buddyhood," are undergraduates at the University of Oklahoma in 1979. There couldn't be a more unlikely pair of best friends. Bobby's cautious, social ineptitude and romantic fumblings offset Mark's flamboyant, devil-may-care attitude, his irrepressible pranks, and his prowess with shapely coeds. But the cardinal rule of the Code--"A buddy does not move in on another buddy's girl"--requires Bobby to watch quietly as Mark makes time with Annie, the woman of Bobby's dreams. Mark and Bobby's college exploits include crashing frat parties, arranging elaborate double dates (that, at least for Bobby, go disastrously and hilariously wrong), and shuttling a decomposing corpse across campus. But inevitably, the girl they both love becomes a wedge that divides the buddies not only during their college days, but well into the future...

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