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Cronica Acadia: Bend Sinister

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Hearken back to a simpler time, when all your problems could be solved with an axe!

"Deering appeals to readers who have enjoyed The Lord of the Rings series and gamers...A witty tale that revels deeply in computer-game tropes." - Kirkus Reviews

Dangalf returned to the Keepers' room, which was dark. Even the fireplace was out, and there was an unpleasant chill in the air. He lit the first lamp he could find in the darkness and looked about. On the other side of the room was a chair with a hoodie sweatshirt draped over it. He thought that was very odd because, even though he loved hoodies, he did not expect to find one in a twenty-thousand-year-old dwarven fortress carved into a mountain.

His mind flashed back to his childhood when in his darkened bedroom he saw his chair occupied by a bloodthirsty monster with murderous intent. He had been frozen in fear until he screwed up enough courage to shine a light on the monster, and it was proved to be only a hoodie draped over a chair. And that was the thought going through his mind as he approached this hoodie draped over a chair only to discover in the lamplight that it was actually a bloodthirsty monster with murderous intent.

The Keepers of the Broken Blade are a force to be reckoned with in the land of Acadia. Dangalf the wizard, Doppelganger the warrior, Elftrap the healer, and Nerdraaage the thief spend every day tackling new quests and defeating the most evil of monsters.
Then they log off and get on with their humdrum lives.
Acadia exists only in the massive multiplayer online role-playing game Cronica. Dangalf the wizard is merely an avatar of Dangalf the gamer... until worlds collide.
After arriving at a mysterious inn in the middle of the wilderness, the Keepers find themselves transported to the real world of Acadia. They must learn to survive this dangerous land with no gold, no weapons and only the clothes on their backs. But they do know how to play the game!
The quests are perilous and the villains are bloodthirsty. Terror, hilarity and lust are the overarching emotions as the Keepers adjust to this medieval world and their new fantasy-archetype physiques.

Meanwhile, an ancient evil once again stirs in Acadia. The Keepers may be new to this world, but they will have to decide whether or not they would give their lives to defend it. This isn't a game, and each new adventure could be their last!

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