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Torture & Agony: Inferno Glory MC, #3

120 pages1 hour


*This is a serial. The installments are not novel length and are intended for readers over 18.* 

Harley’s story continues with the third part in the Inferno Glory series. Upon learning Colt is in surgery with unknown injuries, the guilt of what Harley has done becomes too great to bare, and she decides he’d be better off without her. Just when Ranger convinces her to keep her transgression to herself and simply be there for Colt, however, she stumbles across a disturbing sight that completely changes everything. 

Harley leaves town to seek advice from an old friend, and returns armed with a new perspective on her situation, only to make more regrettable mistakes and new enemies. But it isn’t long before she learns that she isn’t the only one keeping a dark secret. Blown away by with her new discovery, it will seem the MC is in danger, and her chances of having any kind of a future with Colt have been blown to pieces.

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