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Beauty & Balls: Jawa's Angels MC, #1

139 pages9 hours


After escaping a bad marriage, Kyla Amado discovers a different kind of freedom when purchasing her first motorcycle. Only her ex, a powerful man with deep connections and the worst kind of temper, isn’t ready to let her go.

As a former Marine-turned-vice-president of the Inferno Glory MC, Ranger Lewis has seen it all. With a dark past that caused him immeasurable amounts of pain, he’s fiercely protective of everyone he cares about—including the gorgeous brunette he saves from her abusive ex.

When Kyla accepts Ranger’s offer to keep her safe, it inadvertently starts a war between the mafia and Inferno Glory MC. But Ranger has never been the type to back down from anything and he’s ready to do whatever it takes to keep Kayla safe, even if it means putting his own life on the line.

*This is part of a serial and is not a full-length novel.*

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