¿Cáncer…Por Qué Yo?
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Cancer…Why Me?I give you my experiences of my struggles, my strength and my faith in between reality and dreams.In this work I propose to tell my lived experience with cancer and also propose to mitigate its cruelty. You’ll find the pain of a heart and the cry of a wounded soul by a devastating diagnosis of cervical cancer. A story where feelings are confronted and it is discovered that a life must be saved: ours. Where the experience narrated is filled with obstacles and challenges which the cancer patient lives, leaving a scar that burns like a constant reminder. We understand that not only do we have to struggle against the following three monsters: the cancer, its devastating therapies, and their side effects, but also confront the enemies of this disease that affect the emotional, the physical and the social aspects of our lives. It is a corporal and spiritual story which you, dear reader, can benefit from.You will find a potpourri of conventional medicine, alternative medicine, physical strength techniques, an enchanting fantasy and the necessary faith needed to combat this disease. You will gain an awareness of your addictions, hang-ups, or weaknesses and will be able to break loose from them. And gain a positive vision, a desire to arm ourselves with great strength, determination, and tenacity in our struggle against this cancer. You’ll have an understanding that cancer in many cases is curable. Between reality and dreams you can create new goals in a future full of illusions, acceptance, love and blessings.
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