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When Saige and her brother Devan accompany their archaeologist father to Egypt one summer, they are unaware of the adventure before them. A late night escapade on a dare by their friend Lateef, results in all three being whirled back in time to ancient Egypt, trapped until the Great Pyramid is completed. Their visit changes the course of history and provides solutions to why the King’s Chamber was never finished and why the Sphinx has the body of a lion but the face of a man. Accustomed to the 21st century, they must deal with the primitive and, occasionally, brutal aspects of life in ancient times especially with Baruti, a bull of a man who has clawed his way to power through intimidation and fear. For Saige, it is also a time of first love with Hamadi, the son of her adoptive family. A love she must decide to leave behind and return to her own world or abandon the modern life and her father.Portal takes the reader on an adventurous, fictional journey through ancient times. Loaded with historical fact, it is primarily a story of adaptability in an alien time, offering the reader the opportunity to experience the grit in the bread and the sweat on the brow as people of all ages and from all walks of life build a monument that will become the only surviving member in a list of ancient world wonders. Portal is “a book about ancient times for the computer game set.”
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Portal - Jacqueline Eger

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