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Facesitting Kidnap Fantasy

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In an attempt to unleash her closest dominant side and to spice up their marriage.

Annie and Conrad scours the Internet for ideas to ignite the passion in the bedroom.

The curious couple stumbles across a fetish website suggesting a Kidnap roleplay scenario where both participants assume a new persona unleashing their hidden tendencies.

Annie immediately warms to the idea and both agree on vague details, keeping the surprise factor as high as possible.

During the night of the kidnap, Annie dons her sluttiest outfit playing the part of a local escort and tracks down her husband in a seedy bar.

A few drinks later and the scenario becomes alive, as the busty wife blindfolds and kidnaps her husband, escorting her victim to a seedy hotel for an unforgettable night of Femdom!


This 3000 word erotic short story contains erotic explicit scenes of first time femdom, full weight facesitting, female domination, smothering and a curious sexy and dominant wife kidnapping and enacting a Femdom roleplaying fantasy with her submissive husband and should be enjoyed by adults only.

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